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Elevated Minds CIC

Elevated Minds is a Community Interest Company established in April 2019, based in Southwark, London. We deliver early-intervention services focussing on personal development, which is embedded with proven coaching methods, neuro-
linguistic programming and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques. We focus on Increasing motivation and aspiration, changing
worthlessness to success. Empowering young people to have more autonomy over their lives and enabling them to self-actualise.
Eradicating the PRU to prison/unemployment/negative outcomes pipeline. Enabling achievement and reducing 'become a statistic' using a
whole family, holistic approach.

Primarily, we aim to tackle the disproportionate levels of Black and minority ethnic young people excluded from mainstream education or at
risk of exclusion. We also work with young people at the other end of the spectrum, those considered to have excellent academic outcomes and teachers, parents
and organisations supporting our young people.

At Elevated Minds, we teach, guide, share and support. We help young people and adults look inside themselves to find out for
themselves who they are. Each individual will discover what they feel about themselves, their beliefs and how to build themselves
instead of making themselves smaller. As Javell, one of our young people said, “the IDENTITY Project unleashed the real person within

Our long-running programmes are:

  • The IDENTITY Project - followed by the Leadership Programme (both accredited by NCFE, levels 1 & 2)
  • Shining Through Adversity - Drama project - one-to-one LAMDA coaching offered also
  • Cultural Awareness Training - Alternatives to carry out Stop & Search - training for new Met recruits
  • Elevated Aspirations - Police insight/work experience programme (accredited by NCFE, level 3)
  • Having Challenging Conversations - Programme for Parents (accredited by NCFE, levels 1 & 2)
  • Basic Coaching Skills - Programme for Professionals (to be accredited by CPD)

2A31 South Bank Technopark
90 London Road
United Kingdom

Age range
11 to 13
14 to 16
16 to 19
Opening hours
Monday - Friday
09:00 - 17:00

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