Southwark Youth Parliament 

Welcome to the Southwark Youth Parliament - a vibrant platform empowering young voices and driving positive change within our community. Our Youth Parliament serves as a dynamic hub for enthusiastic and visionary young minds to engage, advocate, and make a real impact. At Southwark Youth Parliament, we believe in the power of youth. We provide a dedicated space for young individuals, aged 14- 18, to voice their opinions, collaborate on initiatives, and shape the future they want to see in our borough. 

Our Mission: 

Our primary goal is to amplify the voices of the youth, ensuring they are heard and valued in local decision-making processes.

Through engagement, dialogue, and action, we strive to address issues that matter most to the young people of Southwark. 

What We Do: 

  • Debate and Discussion: Engage in lively debates on pressing issues affecting young individuals. 
  • Community Projects: Drive impactful community initiatives and projects. 
  • Advocacy and Representation: Act as advocates, representing the needs and aspirations of the youth. 


Southwark Youth Parliament has elected members who hold leadership positions within the Youth Parliament. They help coordinate activities, make decisions, and represent Southwark Youth Parliament externally.

Regular meetings are held to discuss issues, share updates, and make decisions. These meetings provide a platform for members to voice their opinions, engage in debates, and collaborate on projects.

The Youth Parliament has 5 cabinets that focus on specific areas of interest or concern, such as;

  1. Career and Employability
  2. Environmental
  3. Mental Health
  4. Tackling Poverty
  5. Youth Violence

These cabinets allow members to delve deeper into specific topics and propose initiatives.

The Southwark Youth Parliament organizes events, workshops, and campaigns to engage with the community, raise awareness, and address important issues affecting young people in Southwark.

Your Voice Matters: 

Whether you're passionate about social justice, education, the environment, or any other vital topic, your voice matters here. Join us in driving positive change and creating a better future for all. 

Get Involved: 

Join the Southwark Youth Parliament and be part of a community dedicated to making a difference.

Experience a platform where your opinions are valued and your actions lead to meaningful change. 

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