Southwark Youth Parliament 

Welcome to the Southwark Youth Parliament - a vibrant platform empowering young voices and driving positive change within our community. Our Youth Parliament serves as a dynamic hub for enthusiastic and visionary young minds to engage, advocate, and make a real impact. At Southwark Youth Parliament, we believe in the power of youth. We provide a dedicated space for young individuals, aged 14- 18, to voice their opinions, collaborate on initiatives, and shape the future they want to see in our borough. 

Our Mission: 

Our primary goal is to amplify the voices of the youth, ensuring they are heard and valued in local decision-making processes. Through engagement, dialogue, and action, we strive to address issues that matter most to the young people of Southwark. 

What We Do: 

  •   Debate and Discussion: Engage in lively debates on pressing issues affecting young individuals. 

  •  Community Projects: Drive impactful community initiatives and projects. 

  • Advocacy and Representation: Act as advocates, representing the needs and aspirations of the youth. 

Your Voice Matters: 

Whether you're passionate about social justice, education, the environment, or any other vital topic, your voice matters here. Join us in driving positive change and creating a better future for all. 

Get Involved: 

Join the Southwark Youth Parliament and be part of a community dedicated to making a difference. Experience a platform where your opinions are valued and your actions lead to meaningful change. 

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