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Fight 4 Change


Fight 4 Change aims to Inspire young people to make a positive Change in their lives and give them the opportunities and the tools to progress.

Fight 4 Change is a registered Sport for Development charity, using sport to inspire and educate young people and adults to make a positive change in their lives. We work closely with a range of strategic and funding partners to deliver a comprehensive sports development programme in London and beyond.

Fight 4 Change is primary driver of the sport for development agenda, with a focus on sporting young people from vulnerable and disenfranchised communities, with programs addressing crime reduction, inactivity, female engagement and mental health.

We recognise the value of sport and its coaches can bring to supporting such vulnerable groups- a sense of belonging, a positive outlet, mentoring, guidance and positive role models. We take a holistic approach to developing young people and their skills in bringing about positive change through our sports programmes.


Fight 4 Change
Black Prince Community Hub 5 Beaufoy walk
SE11 6AA
United Kingdom

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