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METRO Charity

METRO is an equality and diversity charity providing health, community and youth services in England.

Our vision is for a world where diversity is celebrated, difference is respected and valued, and where optimum health and wellbeing for all is a collective goal. 

We promote health and wellbeing through our transformative services to anyone experiencing issues relating to sexuality, gender, equality, diversity and identity, and use our unique insight from these transformative services and our diverse heritage to influence decision-makers and to effect positive change.

Our service delivers over 60 programmes across five domains: Sexual & Reproductive Health, Community, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Youth and HIV.  

In Southwark,  we run the METRO Spark a youth group for LGBTQIA+ young people aged 13-19, and up to 25 with SEND.

We welcome all those on the spectrum as well as anyone who is questioning or exploring their identity.


1st Floor Equitable House
7 General Gordon Square
SE18 6FH
United Kingdom

Opening hours
10am - 5pm

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