Pembroke House

Pembroke House has been based in Walworth since 1885, when students from Pembroke College, Cambridge took up residence in this neighbourhood to live and work alongside local people.

Inspired by this legacy, today we work to bridge traditional divides and unite people – whatever their background or walk of life – to build a better Walworth together.

Our work is built around four pillars:

1. Activities

We deliver and support 30 projects – from children’s dance classes to a weekly lunch club. These allow people to connect with each other and with local services; to grow and learn; to give back and contribute.

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2. Residency

We hold true to our founders’ values: working alongside the community in Walworth as neighbours and residents. The residency, which sits adjacent to Pembroke House, is home to six of our team members.

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3. Neighbourhood

In order to make a meaningful difference in Walworth, we need to work together. We work in partnership with residents, organisations and institutions – building knowledge and inspiring collective action.

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4. Learning

At Pembroke House, we are all learners. We try things out and learn as we go, both collectively and as individuals. We reflect on what works, change what doesn’t, and share our learning and insights widely.


Pembroke House 80 Tatum Street
SE17 1QR
United Kingdom

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