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Bethwin Neighbourhood Playground Association

Bethwin have offered a service to children and their families for the past 46 years, where children can play, ride, run, swing, be creative and learn new skills in a safe space. There is also the opportunity for children to meet with friends and make new friends. Food is a major part of what we offer at the playground, and share daily meals with children, which gives us the opportunity to ensure that they at least have one healthy meal per day. Residential trips are essential to us being able to engage with our young people in terms of gaining their independence while not being with their parents, and are very popular. Sports is also a major activity that our young people are involved in and adds to their wellbeing: these sessions are run by Millwall and Active Communities, as well as our own team members. We often focus on festivals and celebrations, where we play music, dance, and share cultural food, traditions and games. 

Young boy with Black Panther hands.
Junk orchestra
Smiling girl
Face painting
Baby playing with junk orchestra
Junk orchestra

Bethwin Road Playground
4 Bethwin Road
United Kingdom

Opening hours
Tuesday - Friday: 3 - 7 term time
Saturday: 12 - 5 term time
Holiday Play schemes: Monday - Friday: 12 - 6

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