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Kinship Hub

Kinship Hub is a South London community-based service aimed at supporting kinship families across London and the UK. Kinship carers are people raising relatives or children within their network who, for one reason or another, are unable to live with their parents. Kinship Hub runs the following projects:

  • Kinship Carers Cooking Club, a weekly group where children and carers can get together and cook a meal from scratch. This is offered both on zoom calls nationwide, and in person (currently in South London only)
  • Online webinars to kinship families on a range of topics from managing contact safely, to promoting a positive sense of identity, life story work and building resilience.
  • Employability program- providing food safety training to kinship family members and offering paid work opportunities through Kinship Kitchen Catering company.

The Hill Station, Telegraph Hill Centre
Kitto Road
SE14 5TY
United Kingdom

Age range
11 to 13
14 to 16
16 to 19

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