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The Sapphire Community Group

We have over 6 years experience working in Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich, Islington, Hackney, Camden, Tower Hamlets, Croydon and Lambeth. We have worked with over 5,000 young people and families to date especially those from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds. The Sapphire Community Group aims to equip young people to not only be their best version of  themselves but also inspire them to have a genuine insight of what they would like to pursue in the near future.

Unofficially established in April 2015 and Officially registered in February 2018 in the UK. We then went on to open a branch in Nigeria January 2020 and achieved charitable status in October 2021.  


Empowering, Inspiring, Training, Motivating and Educating  young people aged 5 to 30 years old through Literature, Events, Media and Programmes. 


1. Reducing mental health issues 

2. Reducing homelessness 

3. Reducing crime rates 

4. Reducing unemployment 

5. Increasing young people in education or training 

6. Increasing skills development 

What do we do?

At Sapphire we do multiple things. However, our main focus is making young people achieve their dreams. This is achieved, through our formula; “LEMP” - To unite our worlds through Literature, Media, Events and Programmes.

  • Sapphire Recruitment Agency 
  • Employability Workshops, Career Events and Mentoring Support 
  • Counselling 1-1 sessions, TAC and CAC Sessions 
  • Enrichment Workshops in Schools, Housing Associations and Holiday Provisions
  • Food Support Services (Soup Kitchen, Vouchers and Community Fridge) 
  • Housing Support and Education Support 
  • IT and Funding Support



Peckham Levels, Centre Carpark
F1-F6, 95A Rye Lane
SE15 4ST
United Kingdom

Age range
11 to 13
14 to 16
16 to 19

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